We all love jewellery, but sometimes we can get confused or overwhelmed with all the choices and options we have. A selection of tones, inscriptions, symbols, and designs can sometimes distract us from the true meaning of the jewellery piece we are creating. For now let’s put aside the jewellery options and have a look at the top 5 designs that every girl wants (and secretly needs)!

1.  My Family Tree Necklace

The My Family Tree Necklace is the perfect design for those with a growing family. We have created this design for mostly mothers and grandmothers as it has a lot of room to fit children and grandchildren. Can’t decide between the silver and gold? Then why not create a two tone.

2. Name Necklace

This is a classic. There is no excuse for not having this design of jewellery. A name necklace is the most personalised piece of jewellery everyone should have and is suitable for any age. The name necklace is for every occasion and will serve you for many years to come. A priceless investment.

3. Dream Locket

If you haven’t taken notice of the dream lockets, you need to. Get them on a long chain to compliment any outfit while keeping those nearest and dearest to you. Create and personalise charms any way you like. They are great for every day or to add some bling on those nights out.

4. Memory Necklace

The Memory Necklace is the most treasured keepsake anyone who has a lost love can have. Carry not only a personalised inscription of your loved one, but place inside the canister a token of remembrance inside. Being waterproof and safe means that your most treasured moment can be close to your heart at all times.

5. Endless Bangle

You can be sure to feel inspired every time you look down at this stunning bangle. Personalise your bangle with your life motto for a confidence boost when you need it, or feel a sense of pride while you carry your loved ones name on this stylish piece.


Rest easy with these gift ideas

We all know that the perfect (or even just the right) gift can create a lasting impression while making the moment a truly enjoyable experience. Choosing a gift is decidedly more difficult when it comes to planning something fitting for the occasion. Here’s a little secret where we have a few selected designs that make the gift leave a lasting impression.


A personalised gift for any age and a great way to give a gift that lasts. Hand cut with the name or word of your choice.


Weddings are one of the most special days in a person’s life so while everything is about the bride and the groom, celebrating and thanking the people involved is a part of what makes the day special. Pieces have been created for mothers of the bride and groom, children, bridesmaids, and close friends. Having the date and wedding details inscribed on a piece truly is a special token of the day.


What better way to celebrate your love than marking a special date you share with your other half? Add an extra touch of personalisation by inscribing parts of your vows at the back.


There is something about wearing personalised jewellery as a remembrance of a lost loved one. Time and time again stories have been shared with us of how much comfort has been felt by holding a remembrance piece close to the heart and how it has helped many feel that their lost loved one is still close to them.


Inscribing a message of gratitude or inspiration is a priceless gift. Showing someone just how much they mean to you, reminds them of the valuable bond you share.


Becoming a Belle Fever jewellery designer

Designing your own personalised jewellery can sometimes feel a little overwhelming, wouldn’t you agree? The first time is the hardest, but after the first you will find that its actually quite fun and easy to do. Follow these steps for success.

Step 1: Decide which design

What kind of jewellery are you after? Is it for a particular moment or occasion? Is it for you or for a gift? Are you wanting to recreate a design you have seen on someone, in a store or magazine? These kinds of questions are perfect to prepare for the designing process

Step 2: Decide the tone

What tones and metals do you normally wear? See what skin tone you have and which metal tones suit your skin tone. Check out our skin tone matching guide  here.

Step 3: Decide on your inscriptions

Think words Are you after something that inspires you or something that marks a special event? Inscribing your favourite quote or mantra to keep you inspired or details that mark a special event, such as the birth of a child where you can inscribe the date, baby’s name, length, birth time, etc. Think names Do you want it to keep your loved ones close to you heart? Inscribe their names. Want to create a family heirloom that can be passed on to generations? Personalise it with all the names of your family members in order from oldest to youngest. Do you want to have a signature piece with your children’s names inscribed on it?

Step 4: Decide on the layout, symbols

Do you want a sentimental piece that shows your love or close bond? Then hearts would be the most popular choice. Is the inscription more a quote or members of your family tree? Then perhaps the dots will be a better option. Consider the feel and emotional connection of your piece and which symbol you would like as well as the layout and order of words or names.

Step 5: Choose your chain length

Where do you normally have your pendant sit on your neck or bracelet space on your wrist? That’s the one to choose. If you are unsure of your length or want your necklace or bracelet to sit at a different position, see our sizing guide here. We can help you if you have any concerns- feel free to come on our online chat or add the details in your order notes.

Step 6: Waiting

This is the hardest step of all! Waiting for your personalised designed jewellery to wear. Then it’s time to fall in love with your piece and the sentimental meaning it carries.



Almost every woman loves personalised jewellery- especially when you can build your own. Prepare to put aside those basic jewellery designs aside for something that is more you (and far more stunning). Have names of loved ones here, words of inspiration there, or a mix of both to make it truly yours.


Tone: Wear the tones on their own or mix them up for a truly personalised meaning. Can’t decide? Have them all!

Size: No matter how big your family is, there is a piece for everyone. Let us work with you to include everyone you love on your special design.

Chain: It’s all about how you wear it. keep it close or hang it low. Stylish for every outfit a girl has.

Decorate: The personal touch! Separate the names with a heart or a star, show the generations in your family on different parts of the design. Wear it how you love.


Sarah inscribed the children charm, feet and heart charm in a mix of tones to place inside her rose gold dream locket. Isn’t it a heartfelt way to keep her children close? We love rose gold but you might prefer the silver or gold dream lockets.


Pets are part of the family too. Being able to carry them with you wherever you go is such a special feeling. Silver not you? Make it gold! Make it rose! Make it… I’m sure you get the idea.


Less about the fear, more about the beauty and confidence. The butterfly and fairy charms are perfect for that magical push to spread your wings and shine!


Love can make all the difference. This locket showcases the clover charm for a bit of luck, and two hearts kept together to symbolising the connection and unity. Quite beautiful.

Designed for a wedding

Share your special day

Are you getting married?

Not sure how to thank those involved?

That’s OK. As a bride-to-be you’re inundated with choice, so it can be difficult to begin making decisions about your big day, and difficult to find what you want.

Let us make this one decision that bit easier, by allowing you to design your own personalised and meaningful gifts.


Before you start, think about the following:

  1. Who do you want to thank? Your bridesmaides? Your mother? Don’t feel like you need to find a gift that is a one size fits all. Opt for a style that you know suits the person you are gifting.
  2. What message do you want? If you want to make a meaningful piece, go for a nice quote with details of your special day. Go without names or dates. Or somewhere in between — names, dates and a quote with your own unique twist.
  3. Which design would be ? If the message is long, consider the Love Forever. If it’s to remember the special details of the day, consider a charm.

How to choose a gift for mum

Add a personalised touch

With her endless love, mother’s are the strong pillars who has always been here for us. She is our doctor, coach, best friend, biggest supporter- and she will tell you that it’s the most tiresome but both rewarding experience ever.

Show your mother how much you care with a personalised message, meaningful quote, or the names of those she loves to keep close to her heart.

The Mother

Inscribe your message of love to your mother or surround her with the ones she wants to keep close to her heart forever.

The Mother in law

Impress and show your mother in law how much she means to you with a personalised Belle Fever piece.

The sister

Whether it’s your sister or your best friend that is like a sister, create something that connects you for life.

The special woman

For all the other women in our lives that help and shape us to who we are today. Mother’s day is a celebration for all women.

What to gift a teacher

Because they need to be appreciated too

Any parent or grandparent knows that their child’s teacher is special. Teachers work hard and often not just during school hours. They create lesson plans, grade papers and take courses to learn materials to teach their students. So it is great to say “Thank You” to your child’s hard working teacher. Most give their child’s teacher an end-of-the-year gift and lots of schools also have a Teacher Appreciation Week or Day as well. These terrific designs make a thoughtful Teacher Gift.

How to shop for a birthday

And not stress out

Birthdays come but once a year. They are indeed, very special and worth making the most of. This applies to your own birthday and that of your family and close friends.

As we grow older finding the perfect gift for the right age can be time consuming and at times quite difficult. Here at Belle Fever we know how to do birthday gifts for any age and make sure that they are meaningful and loved.

Picking a gift for a new mum

The start of a family heirloom

It’s really hard to find a nice gift for a new mother sometimes. Do you get something practical?

Sentimental? Is it someone you want to go all out for, or someone you just want to give a small gesture to?

Well, here are a few ideas that go beyond the flowers and nappies that a new mother will really enjoy.

Shopping for your man doesn’t need to be hard

Father’s day gift ideas

Even though men are the less sentimental of the two sexes, it doesn’t mean that father’s day should be celebrated gift-free. For many fathers, they are the people behind the scenes, the pillar of strength for the family, and the one you go to when there is something to fix in the house. They’re there for your first crush, your first heartbreak, and your first kid. Fact is, for most fathers, the best thing in their life is probably you. No matter which type of person your dad is, we have gift ideas that would mark this Father’s day as his best one yet.

The Father- The hero and and first love of a daughter. Inscribe your message of love your father can carry with him.

The Father

The hero and and first love of a daughter. Inscribe your message of love your father can carry with him.

The Father in law

When we are blessed to have another father that is there to love and support us. Give a token of love to your father in law.

The Brothers

Always there to look out for us and protect us.

The special man

These are the men in our lives that mean alot to us and is a father figure in our life. They are our rock in times of need.

When goodbye is painful

Celebrating the memories

As we grow older people around us, and even ourselves, might suffer a loss or tragedy.

What do you say? How can you help? Is there any way you can actually provide some genuine comfort and support to your friend in need?

You cannot take away the pain or “fix things” for them but you can show your support and comfort them with a piece that cherishes the memories and life of the loved one. We have a collection of designs that are carefully selected and beautifully made symbolising love and remembrance. They are timeless and uplifting, they can be given at any time throughout the year. It may not take away the pain, but we have seen that it brings a sense of peace.

When to get ready for Christmas

Getting organised

It’s never too early to start shopping and putting away gifts for Christmas, in fact stocking up early on your Christmas gifts can save you money and stress during the festive season. Finding the right gift can sometimes prove to be challenging, so what do you get for the person who has everything?

Why we love anniversaries

A gift from the heart

Our anniversary is a chance to honor your spouse with a day just for the two of you, or a gift straight from the heart. An anniversary is a great achievement and a representation of your hard work in making your relationship work. Although it can be challenging and overwhelming to choose the perfect gift, while still sending that romantic message, we’ve tried to take some of that guesswork out of it, and help you create the perfect anniversary gift and treasured heirloom. Let us help get you started in the right direction.

Emotion, memory and sentimental value

As much as I love spending time with the kids, school holidays are really hectic when it comes to having 4 kids at home while trying to get work done so I feel really blessed that I have such a wonderful team that work really hard to keep customers happy.

This week my kids went back to school so I have been catching up on everything and I had one of the girls at the office share this beautiful message with me.

“I have the silver ring with the gold tree. I bought it for my mum in 2014. I had Mum and Dad and us five children’s names written around the edge and on the tree there are nine grandchildren and great grandchildren’s names and on the trunk is the year I had it made. My mum treasured this up until her passing late in April this year. I wanted the necklace to go with mum to heaven but in the end decided to keep it as a family heirloom for years to come. So now I am treasuring it”.

Losing a loved one will always be painful and will leave an empty space in our hearts, but celebrating the life and the treasured moments that were shared will bring a sense of peace and happiness. I am really touched to be able to create something that can carry so much emotion, memory and sentimental value. It’s stories like these that make everyone at Belle Fever HQ love our work.


I finally know the feeling…

I’m part of an amazing business group with a coach that helps me stay on track and focus on what’s important. The past couple of days, we have had our business retreat where we can work on our businesses rather than in them so that we can make sure we see the bigger picture 🙂

So I received an order from my business coach who was looking for a way to make her group feel exclusive and give them a gift that they could add to with every achievement and award they earned from the program. She decided the Dream Locket bracelet would be perfect, and added an initial charm and a little diamond stone to represent the level the group was at.

During the retreat I brought them with me and gave them to her all packed in a gift box and a gift bag. As she presented them, she approached me and also gifted me with one, I am surrounded everyday with the pieces but the feeling I got as she presented me with her gift was something I had not personally experienced before as no one has ever bought a Belle Fever design and gifted me with it. It’s a little hard to explain and some of you are probably thinking I’m a little odd right now since I create the jewellery everyday; but it was a feeling that I hadn’t actually experienced before. Her gift to me represented her thoughtfulness, an achievement that I was part of that diamond level, the excitement of being able to strive towards the next levels that will let me get more charms to place in my bracelet to mark the achievement, and the sentimental element of the gift being personalised with my initial.

I was able to personally experience what each BFF felt as they received their gift and how special and sentimental the gift is. The memory that each piece represents, whether it’s the memory of the birth of a new baby, the memory of achieving something great, the memory of the day you found love or the memories left by a loved one who has passed.

I have said it so many times, but I am honored to be a part of creating and capturing that memory for you, and thank you for trusting me and our team. I know that we aren’t perfect as we are all humans and sometimes things can go wrong, but if that does ever happen, reach out to us and we will definitely try our best to make it right 🙂